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So, Here's My Story... is the only business podcast that promises wildly useful lessons from the absurd, the poignant and the seemingly irrelevant. Business is messy and unpredictable. Business has depth and nuance. Business is more than spreadsheets. Business is stories.... and we want to hear yours.

Nov 27, 2018

Time is a valuable commodity, and we hope all of our listeners properly value their time. 

We also know that our time does not inherently have the same value to others, including our clients. And that’s why we ask the important question: does time really equal money?


Why is that important for business? 

Just because...

Nov 20, 2018

You can learn important business lessons from just about any source, including a squeegee kid with a surprisingly nuanced sales approach.


Why is that important for business?

The biggest challenges you will encounter when doing sales – and if you are in business, make no mistake: you are doing sales – are the...

Nov 13, 2018

Audience Q&As can quickly devolve. Someone wants to share a story instead of a question; someone else wants to demonstrate their own expertise and “teach from the seats”. No one seems to know how to ask a succinct and relevant question and you can feel the frustration from the group. As the leader – whether it be...

Nov 6, 2018

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who ignores the substance of the conversation, and instead present themselves as an authority based on their experience or resume, instead of their response to the issue? This is exactly the kind of incident that instigates todays story/rant, and leads to a discussion...