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Dec 4, 2018

We often don’t see the way we are influencing and affecting those around us. We don’t make the link from our behavior to what we see pervade our company culture. And then – like so many of our episodes - a trip to the bathroom changes everything. 

 Why is that important for business? 

Often, we experience an effect in the world, and then rationalize that thing without taking the time to notice if we have a hand in causing it. The truth is, everything you do is modeling things for people in your organization. You teach what you tolerate. And you teach what you model, even when you don’t know you are modeling it. 

However, we are often unaware of the things that we are inadvertently modeling. This is the Dunning-Kruger effect and it keeps us blind to our blind spots. It can make us unaware of the impact we have on those around us, which is why it is important to ask: when I see a behavior that I don’t like in others, where does it exist in me? Where am I nurturing or tolerating this behavior and teaching others to replicate what I would rather avoid?

If you want people to exhibit leadership skills, you must create a culture of leadership where everyone has the mindset of considering their impact, and where everyone – like our favorite squeegee kid – is going into every corner.  

People notice your behaviors and habits. Everything you do is a constant traffic signal for what’s okay, and what’s acceptable. They will pick up the culture from you. You may have a very good reason for your behaviors, but it still sends a signal that that behavior is okay. As a leader, you are always on stage. 


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