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Mar 12, 2019

What work culture are you strengthening or weakening every day with your language, your behaviors and your messaging? Maybe you need to make it more like jury duty!

Why is that important for business?

How you frame the work you and your team are doing is how they are going to experience it, and how they are going to share it with your clients. The messages you are delivering should consistently be helping your employees buy-in to the meaning of the service; that meaning has to be baked into the culture. Every person and every significant step in the process should all be singing from the same sheet of music.

When you are trying to change the messaging of your organization, you first have to determine what that new message even means. Then you have to determine who the front-line personnel responsible for making that change are, figure out how to get buy-in from them, and establish the little things that the organization can do in terms of the interactions with those you hope to impact – the public. It is important to think about how you are going to actually create a new belief system, as well as the set of actions that will convey it.

But if it’s not authentic, it’s worse than not saying anything at all.

So ask yourself: What are you propagating? What seeds are you planting and watering and nurturing in the culture and experience of your employees and your front-line staff that are interacting with your clients?

Universities, Frank Lloyd Wright, and even Walt Disney use a concept called Desire Paths when planning the most their walkways: they let natural traffic determine where official pathways go. In company culture, you’re the person wearing the path that becomes a pathway for everyone to use. What path do you want to start clearing for your people? What connects them to a higher purpose or cause? How can you use the example of jury duty to transform individual discontent into a group mission.

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You might think jury duty is the very embodiment of Roz from Monster’s Inc, but it turns out, it doesn’t have to be!


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