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Jan 5, 2021

Is there a generational divide in your business or place of work? Leaning into the differences – and the superpowers – of each generation can make your business stronger. For instance, how can you exploit the Gen X superpower of tolerating boredom? Let’s talk about that

Why is that important for business? 

Usually, we give a little too much credence and attention to the differences between the generations. But there are differences. In business especially, those differences can actually help, if you aren’t afraid to focus on the strengths and shape the role to fit those strengths. Whether people are primed for the world they will have to usher in, or are shaped by the changing world they occupy, each generation has different skill sets that, instead of mocked, can be incorporated to make them even better at their jobs. 

How do you cater to the innate tendencies of each generation? How often do you roll your eyes instead of thinking how that generational trait might be a skill? And where do you need to make some adjustments in terms of setting up processes to get the outcomes you want instead of just setting up the process you want?

The oversimplification of generations segments it in a way that is less useful. But each does have its own superpower. And just like in superhero movies, each have their own thing that they bring. You want to leverage those superpowers, even if it requires some sort of accommodation.  

Additional resources

Want to read all about Gen X and how suited to boredom (and pandemics) they are? Here is the article Jodi references in her story: It Took a Global Pandemic, But Generation X is Finally Getting Love

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