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So, Here's My Story... is the only business podcast that promises wildly useful lessons from the absurd, the poignant and the seemingly irrelevant. Business is messy and unpredictable. Business has depth and nuance. Business is more than spreadsheets. Business is stories.... and we want to hear yours.

Nov 12, 2019

Let’s talk about strength of commitment, and designing your space to support your future, not just your present or past. 

And to make it even more interesting, let’s throw in an ill-researched analogy about hermit crabs, for good measure!

Why is that important for business? 

When our life, our work, and even our work spaces are designed around what we are currently doing, the things we want for our future are often – by necessity – shoved into unused corners. Almost as though our future doesn’t really fit in the existing figurative or literal space of our life. And a lot of this is about commitment – how committed are you to what you want next? Committing space, then, is about committing to the future. 

Of course, commitment often comes in stages. But at some point, we may find ourselves struggling because we are shoving our dreams into the corner, in terms of space, energy, and time. Our future is getting the last dregs of our resources. If you were to make a list of things you really care about, on a scale of 1-10, how much time/energy/resources are you spending on those things?

When you commit to having the space (and time) around you that is built for your next stage, you grow into it far more quickly than you can imagine. You are creating something not for right now, and not for your present needs, but for that which you will grow into. Making that space represents your commitment to not only do this thing but to make it work and have it evolve. 

Ask yourself, “what do I really want the future to look like?”, and then ask, “how is that going to be reflected in everything, including my physical environment? What changes do I need to make now to accommodate what I want to be spending my time, money and effort on in the next year or two?”

When we hear ourselves saying, “I want to do this thing but…”, the mistake is putting a period at the end of that sentence and stopping there. Instead, focus your attention on what comes after the “dot dot dot”. When you do, one of two things will happen – it will be clear what the next problem is that you have to solve if you want to move forward, and then you can focus on the work of removing that obstacle. Or, you will confront the fact that you really don’t want it enough to do that action. Either way, you’ve made room for the future. 

What story do you want to tell?

So, that's our story... now, we want to hear yours!

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