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Sep 5, 2017

PLEASE Don’t Say Please

What does thawing bait in the microwave have to do with boundaries in business? This week, Jodi and Eliot discuss hard boundaries and why it’s not always kind to be polite. 

Why is that important for business?

Often, in an effort to be nice or polite, we make ill-kept or porous boundaries. We try to ask for things politely, when really, we want to be setting a hard boundary.

Sometimes, we are prioritizing the person’s feelings over the boundary. And other times, in the want to keep the possibility open, we put off the boundary.

Yet, there is a soft hostility, or soft torment, to something less than a definite answer. Allowing expectations to linger can be crueller than a hard boundary; being more definitive about expectations can be a relief.

This lives at the intersection between kind and nice, and they are not always the same. It shows both empathy and compassion to let no be a complete sentence.

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