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Dec 12, 2017

Are you in the mood for a rant? This week, Jodi and Eliot air some grievances about the newest changes to the Patreon fee structure, all in the spirit of championing honest business practices and taking care of you, the listener.

Why is that important for business?

Patreon, the organization we work with to help fund our podcast, has changed its policies in a frustrating way. They have raised their fees, and have decided those extra fees will be added to the money pledged by the patrons. And all of this has happened without the consultation or consent of us, the beneficiaries of that patronage.

The fees are a small amount, but the amount isn’t the point. When you are dealing with such small amounts, it is just proof that it isn’t just about it being “worth it” in the sense of dollar value alone. Sometimes, fee changes are about pushing some button far more core or primal than they are about the dollars. And often that comes down to how the change is communicated. When trying to control a message so that people react in certain way, that is not communication. Don’t navigate their reaction and call it communication.

Most importantly, this is a great time to look within. When something like this happens, something that triggers a passionate response, it is important to look at your own business and your own business practices – what specifically is frustrating me, and is there any where in my business where I am doing this?

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