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Dec 26, 2017

Sometimes we set goals – like business growth – not because they are true goals, but because it feels like we are a failure if we don’t achieve them... Have you started your 2018 goal planning? We have some ideas on how to make that planning more effective, and we share them in this episode. Jodi also speaks Swedish-ish and coins the term “Zen Mama”, so there’s something for everyone!

Why is that important for business?

The practice of hitting pause and looking back is incredibly important, in life and in business. To be myopically focused on where the gaps are – what you have yet to accomplish, what you still have to do – cheats you out of something. You need to recognize what you have achieved and the solid ground that you can build on for the next thing.

There is also a fierce, tough love piece to this: a need to insist on this reflection, because if you don’t, you are skipping the true and honest act of looking in the mirror.

Sometimes we set goals – like business growth – not because they are true goals, but because it feels like we are a failure if we don’t achieve them. But the only thing that grows for the sake of growth is cancer. And kudzu. Cancer and kudzu. (Hey! That’s the title of this episode!)

A better question than how much did we grow: How well did we do in advancing our core principles?

It is harder to paint yourself into a corner if you are looking around regularly. Don’t forget that there is somewhere in business that we wanted to go, and the occasional pause is helpful in making sure we are still on that path.

And there are breadcrumbs along the path that indicate what is truly important to us. As in politics, we vote with our feet; we can tell where we stand by our behaviour, not what we say. So, it is important to ask: What tasks am I putting to the top of my list? What things do I have to force myself to do?

It is a deeply kind act to make someone pause and check why didn’t do something. Often, a goal set and not done would have required them be someone they fundamentally are not. Rather, it is better to plan your business around your quirks and idiosyncrasies and your natural autopilot, so you can enjoy it.

What story do you want to tell?

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