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Jan 9, 2018

Feeling like you can’t get clients to understand your value? This episode of So Here’s My Story is all about showing potential clients the difference between your work as a commodity, and your work as an art form.

Why is that important for business?

It often feels like a billable hour model punishes efficiency and rewards inefficiency. Just as you don’t care how many hours workmen put into building your car, you want clients to see the value in the end product.  But it is often a much more complicated thing to get clients to understand, and appreciate, that value.  It requires you to educate clients on the art of what you do, the relevance of the art, and the downside of options that are less artful in their delivery. 

But as with butter and margarine, sometimes people don’t care about the difference. A client may not be your client if they don’t care about the difference between you and your competitors. This requires you to be very honest with yourself. If you provide value and your target market doesn’t find it valuable, it’s not actually value. You must find the value in what you offer, which means you have to understand your clients’ needs.

Part of that value may very well be in helping clients digest what they already have purchased from you.

Points of distinction that matter to your target market – that’s what value is. If you don’t have points of distinction that matter to your market, that is the definition of a commodity, and you can expect to be paid as such.

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