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Aug 11, 2020

Whether in meditation or business, it’s important to periodically ask yourself – what’s going on right now, in this moment. Because as important as the future is, we just don’t have enough information to live there. 

Why is that important for business? 

In this time of unprecedented uncertainty, we are getting a concentrated dose of the frustration inherent in not being to predict the future. But it’s also a good reminder to bring ourselves back into the present moment – what are pain points right now? Instead of focusing on generating future problems to solve, what current problem do you have that requires a solution? When people talk about pain points, they are often talking about anticipated pain points. 

As a leader, we need to be able to look at multiple sightlines to gauge where you are – we need to see the horizon but also our own feet. There is a narrative about how disproportionately important planning, and the horizon, are. We need periodic reminders to not look too far out and try to solve future problems, because we can’t foresee the future opportunities that will help offset those future challenges. 

We also just need to be aware of where we are expending our valuable time, energy and focus. When you spend too much time contemplating things that may never happen, with only the solutions of today, current opportunities are losing out on those precious neurons. 

Zooming in to the future can also create a lot of toleration. We need to reframe the conversation about tolerations from “can I change this?” to “how can I change this?”

Take some time to build mindfulness into your business practice, including allowing time for what’s going on right now. 

What story do you want to tell?

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